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Before her A-B-C, Laura Kahar was already chanting her Do-Re-Mi. From the first shy exchange, 3 years old Laura knew she found a lifelong friend in Piano. Armed with natural talent and driven by passion, Laura took to music like fish to water. It was, under the tutelage of renowned pedagogue Tess Hill, that Laura discovered the world of performance and honed her skills to take the stage by storm.


Growing up (with unrivalled Monopoly skills), Laura was convinced she would eventually be an entrepreneur or auditor. Fate however had other plans. One lost bet and impulsive decision later, Laura found herself with a part-time teaching job and the rest, as they say, is history. ‘Music n Me’, an amalgamation of Laura’s love for teaching and Piano, was born. In only a few years, the humble studio of 5 quickly grew to a strong music school.




Upon completing her Certificate of Music Teaching (Piano) with the Australian Music Examination Board

(AMEB), Laura wanted to continue exploring the psychology behind learning and child development. This encouraged her to complete the Associated Diploma of Music Teaching (Piano), whilst attending regular Piano pedagogy courses, as a way of expanding her knowledge and understanding.


During her years as a Piano teacher, Laura has developed her own distinctive style of teaching. With a primary focus on the young beginner, Laura believes in the importance of learning through encouragement and fun. Her unique teaching philosophy focuses on the ‘How’ and not the ‘What’ - the fundamental tools of learning that encourages students to be independent and expressive individuals.


Piano teaching is beyond just reciting notes and playing keys. It is witnessing the development of a child, the joy of sharing their learning process and the triumph of watching them succeed. Above all, learning the Piano should be FUN!


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