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Long before her A-B-C, Laura Kahar was chanting her Do-Re-Mi.

At 3 years old, Laura knew she’d found a lifelong friend in Piano. Armed with drive and natural talent, Laura took to music like a fish to water. She honed her skills over the years and, under the tutelage of Tess Hill, became a master of piano and performance.

Growing up, Laura had planned to be an auditor. However, fate had other plans. With inspiration and instinct, 'Music n Me' was born.


Perfectly blending Laura's love for teaching and Piano, the humble studio of 5 quickly grew to a strong music school. With a thirst for education, and her extensive teaching experience, Laura has developed her own unique teaching philosophy: embracing encouragement and enjoyment in education. Laura wholeheartedly believes in the wonder of music: in the excitement of the learning, the joy of progress, and the thrill of creating and enjoying your own art.


Principal / Piano / Production

Krista Monica is a polished performer and encouraging educator.

Studying music from a young age, Krista has built a booming career as a performer. From evenings at the Enmore to the cultural Kiama Jazz Festival, Krista’s has carefully cultivated her stagecraft and finetuned her vocal technique. Starring in shows across Sydney and bedazzling brides as a wedding performer, she consistently wows audiences with her songbird skills.


Devoted to sharing the magic of music, Krista began teaching in 2014. As a teacher, she takes an interest in each student – finding unique fits to foster confidence and creativity. Offering engaging lessons for every age, Krista teaches piano, vocals and music production. For Krista, the teaching process is a two-way street: an opportunity to grow as her students share their journey.

Piano / Voice / Production